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The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation in 2021

Content Warning: Contains frank and honest (and sometimes personal) conversation about the topic.

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This is the Ultimate article on Lead Generation.

Who has armed with the information that I have mentioned in this article will generate a lot of leads for their business and a lot of revenue.

What is a lead?

In simple words, Lead is a lead that leads us to get sales.

The lead can be a phone number, Email address, or sometimes both that might lead to a sale for us.

And that is why we call it a lead.

what are not leads?

The social media followers are not your leads.

Because you don’t have their email address or phone number to contact them.

They are not your users, they are those social media users.

They give their email id or phone number to those social media platforms, not you.

Because the amount of reach is restricted from that social media platform overtime when it gets crowded.

So don’t consider your follower’s as your lead.

However If we’re generating leads,

There might not be a 100% open rate but what I sent was 100% delivered to my audience or leads.

In the same way, they might not pick up the call but there is no restriction from the phone company not to call any number.

That is why we generate leads.

When we don’t need lead generation?


You don’t need a lead generation when you’re just going to do marketing and going to sell as many units as possible.

For example, a vada pav wala 😉 (Burger selling guy) don’t need a lead generation he justs sells directly as much unit as possible.

And the same there is no need for lead generation when the sales team or authority person directly goes to a decision-maker to close the deal.

For example, Tony Stark from Stark industries closes the deal of a missile to a government (Yes I’m an Iron man fan).

I mean if you’re not take the example of SpaceX selling Rockets to any govt.

It doesn’t need any lead generation they send a kickass sale team to convince a decision-maker to a buyer that’s it!.

The ethics of lead generation.

However, A lead is the contact details of a person.

You can create an Inbound Leads and outbound leads

Inbound leads are those in which people come to you and give their information for the exchange of something.

In other words, people are giving permission to email them.

So, inbound leads are better than outbound leads.

Outbound leads are that you’re getting the people’s details from a third-party source it can be linked in or any other social platform.

Or buying the leads for low costs.

You’re Allowed to send emails from outbound links but as a personal intention or for attention not in bulk emails.

Or you can’t add them to your email list.

In that condition, your mail can be spammed by so many people and your CRM tool (Email marketing tool) lead to blocking you.

cause, they don’t like that.

This is the problem almost every digital marketer faces:

We are all gonna create a landing page and drive traffic to it.

If you’re driving traffic to it in the organic method that’s cool.

But in some cases, there are so many people who run ads on Facebook, Google, or any other platform to get traffic to their landing pages.

some times they can get very low lead costs to get excited,

But sometimes you’ll see high lead costs and you’ll get depressed.

So how can we manage these emotions or how can we think logically of these lead generation methods?

By predicting the future means

Lead costs will average cut with large numbers. Aim for 1000 leads to check the cost…

leads to conversion ratio will only become predictable with at least 1000 conversion.

Do not get emotional with the lead generation of the first few hours or the first few leads generated, It can fluctuate.

Ps: you can think of being a millionaire from the first few leads generated or switching off the campaign when you see high lead cost.

Be logical like a stock investor. it takes time,

at least give the time of 2 to 3 days or 1000 leads to predict the average lead cost and to decide.

Thats about it..

what are Cold, Warm, and hot sales leads?

Cold leads are just leads that don’t have interest in your product or they think it’s not necessary for them.

And when it comes to Warm leads these are the leads who are interested in your product or services,

And looking for solution.

Hot leads are the leads Have shown interest through providing contact details,

signing up for newsletters and initial activities.

strategies to get B2B Leads:

I assume that you’re starting out with the industry or the lead generation.

So, Let’s look at the B2B lead generation strategies, and some of the prospecting tools.

Below are the prospecting tools that can direct you to get B2B leads.

Get Leads:


This tool is excellent tool comes with the chrome extension,

And you can find out the email id of any website or domain just by visiting that website and clicking on the chrome plugin in your browser.

You can find detailed Review About Snov.io Here.

Find that Lead

findthatlead will help you to find the lead according to categories, industries, and countries.

So they also have certainfeatures which are similar to snov.io.


If you want to do a LinkedIn search and if you want the email IDs of all the people who are displayed on the Linkedin search then Getprospect.io is an excellent tool.


Lusha is a very premium tool used by corporate-like, IBM, and apple. And Lusha is the only tool that will help to find the phone number of the lead apart from the email id.

Similar tool:

Rocket reach

Verify the detail:

If you’re not suring a email is valid or not to reduce bouncing,

You can use Neverbounce.com to verify email address.

Sending mails:

G Suite

Research shows again and again that the most successful email marketing campaigns get personal.

They prompt visitors to return to abandoned shopping carts, suggest products or articles based on their history on your site, or simply offer a personalized invitation to check out your content.

When it comes to personalizing your marketing emails, there are endless possibilities, but that doesn’t have to make your life more difficult!

There comes the Google’s mailing platform.


Google’s platforms allow you to send your email marketing campaigns to only a limited number of people at a time.

For ambitious companies with equally ambitious email marketing teams, that just isn’t good enough!

In that moment G suite make it possible to send up-to 2000 people at a time.

If your campaign is big enough, and you want to send to more than 2000 people below tool will help you out.


So when you’re generating B2B leads you cannot use an email marketing tool to send out bulk emails to all the leads you have generated.

usually send out bulk emails will not reach them or it will not land in the primary inbox.

Sometimes it will go to promotion and sometimes in spam.

And these leads will not appreciate you sending a bulk email to them.

People incorporate will be open to receiving the personal email from someone if it is relevant to them,

But they usually get irritated by bulk emails.

Luckily, Milkshake uses an advanced email distribution system to take that problem off of your plate.

When Milkshake detects that you are attempting to send an email campaign to more than 500 people using a Gmail account (or 2,000 people using a G Suite account),

It automatically distributes the emails over multiple days.

That means that even if you have 8,000 people on your mailing list,

You can press the send button once and rest assured that Milkshake will take care of everything else.

Alternative for mailshake:



look for the status of a lead


Pipedrive is a CRM tool that will help you create a pipeline for leads and take them one stage to another.

Customer relationship

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Best CRM Tools:


Zoho desk

B2C Lead generation:

Let’s look at B2C lead generation,

And when it comes to B2C lead generation, we have to follow Inbound Lead generation and Nurturing methodology.

And one of the reasons Inbound lead generation is important in B2C lead generation.

Because Unlike B2B Leads where you’re doing an outbound reach by directly finding out who is the decision-maker and reaching out to them.

The problem with B2C is that is a huge volume.

With B2B you have a limited set of prospects who might be ready to buy from you, you just need to find who they are.

And you need to find out their contact details.

Probably put them on a sales pipeline. schedule a sales meeting or sales call and follow up and close that deal.

So we have already looked at tools that different tools help to achieve that.

But when you look at B2C lead generation,

Because of huge volume, you just can’t go to random people.

Like a personal loan provider or credit card provider does.

That needs a huge sales calling team to call everyone.

And conversion rate becomes very low in rate.

So following methodology helps you to filter out the prospects.

And some of B2C methods also used in B2B lead generation.

The Inbound Lead Generation Methodology:

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CATT – Content attention trust transaction

Attract people using lead magnets.

Nurture them to get attention.

Get attention and build trust with engagement.

when trust is built get them to buy your product.

Attract people using lead magnets:

Lead magnets can be a test drive or the free ebook for the leads,

This squeeze only those people who are intrested in your niche because,

You’re going to provide a free ebook about what your niche relates.

Not a cooking recipes for a car enthusiasts. right?

Okay now, let’s dive into the type of leads that you can provide,

Types of lead magnets:

Free ebooks / Books

Free courses


Free Trial (Test drive. tool demo)

Free Webnar (Free consultation)

Application forms

Case studies


Free Audit

Join a membership/ Private community

This all are the types leads,

But how you can make people to take this offer,

Here come’s the lead capturing tools that can help us to capture your audience.

Lead capture tool:

Landing page tool:

Landing page is also called as squeeze page where you collect the information of the leads.

Landing pages are one-page marketing websites. Think of them like an online flyer for your business—except you can directly sell your product or service, or get your potential customer to sign up to your email list.

Below are the tools that helps to create a best landing page.

Google sites – free of cost




Optin tools for websites:

Optin tools for website can turn 0.01% conversion rate to 92% overnight.

With best practice.

To know more about Optin tools read Devan Ciccarelli’s article on Best email maketing optin tools.

Best Email marketing Optin Tools:

Optin Monster


Sleek note


You can use forms to get surveys, polls, and Quizes done.

This can be a good form to dig the more information from the prospects.

And below are the best Form building tools:

Google Forms

Type Forms

Lead Nurturing

The lead nurturing definition is simply developing relationships with your leads and nurturing them through the buying process.

How Do You Create a Lead Nurturing Campaign?
Email drip marketing:

#1. Send Out Something Valuable,

Sending something that valuable for your prospects,

Make your prospects more trustable. Than directly pitching them to buy anything.

#2. Create an Email Marketing Automation,

Then you’ll send them through an automated email marketing campaign

That answers FAQs, shares resources like blog posts and videos, and more, in order to stay top of mind and offer valuable information to each lead about your business.

Set up a time-frame for your email automation,

Like sending an email every two to three days, skipping weekends,

So that you’re staying at the top of the mind of each lead, but you aren’t bombarding them with daily emails, calls to action, and sales pitches.

Best Email marketing tool

Convert Kit: Convert kit is the best Drip marketing or email marketing in my opinion and many more other content marketor out there.

And I personally use this tool, and it’s user-friendly experience made me a fan of this tool and you too gonna be one for sure.


Retargetting is the best method that you can use to convert your leads into a customer.

And also it can be used to make capture that lead, who went to your website and not filled a details.

And below are the best two platform to run the best re-targeted ads.

But I don’t go deep into this two,

Because it makes this blog a severely big one.

But you can find the best article about these by clicking on that.

Facebook ads
Google ads

lead conversion

Lead scoring?

Lead scoring is the score of the prospects that how much they are interested in your product or topic.

Lead scoring can be calculated by the basis of Information a prospects provide

And behavior of the prospects. like, open rate of email CTR of links.

You can provide another lead magnet to subscribed leads to get this work done by them.

why lead scoring?
  • Do not spend time on leads that are not interested
  • Have a higher conversion rate
  • Leads can be scored as information and based on behavior.
lead profiling:

After lead scoring make a three different lead profile.

that categories cold lead, warm lead, and hot leads.


Convert your Visitors into your leads and leads into customers that’s what this article sparks.

First of all squeez leads,

And Lead Capture Is Only Half The Battle!

Being able to capture leads doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re able to convert all those leads into sales.

Depending on the industry, average conversion rates fall somewhere between 2% and 10%.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the majority of the leads you’ve worked hard to generate need to go to waste. 

Let them know It’s about them.

Why do consumers rail against marketing and advertising content?

Because they see it as brands trying to get something from them, whether it’s their time, their money, or their attention.

And nobody likes giving to brands without getting anything in return.

Enter them into a competition to win something that you know they want.

Reach out to them with a free gift or a special discount on their birthday.

Build trust and best relationship.

Pick up the phone and talk to them if needed (You can also hire a sales team to do it).

At last, it all depends on the conversion of leads not a number of leads, So firstly focus on giving a value to exciting leads than generating new leads.

If you think the article had helped you to learn something new, let me know in the comment section below.

With the tool which you like the most in this article.

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