8 proven ways to make money online
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8 Proven ways to make money online with blogging in 2021

Content Warning: Contains frank and honest (and sometimes personal) conversation about the topic.

And there are some affiliate links on this post. If you click on those links and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no extra cost to you.
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If you have completed with creating a blog here we have 8 “proven ways to make money online with blogging in 2021

( If you haven’t built a blog yet, have a look at How to start a perfect blog in 2021.)

What You learn from this post:

How do bloggers make money? and how can you make money from your blog.

Doesn’t matter what number of traffic you’re website getting.

and this post contains a real blog examples for your reference and to get motivated.

don’t skip any part of this gold mine article.

Let’s get started…

8 “Proven” ways to make money online with blogging in 2021

1. Advertising:

Making Brand to show their ads to your visitors from your blog to earn money is nothing but advertising in single sentence. 🙂

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Google Ads

Advertising is the well known factor to make money from your blog.

and so many bloggers do advertise in their blog making full time income.

In this advertising field so many bloggres dependent on Google Adsense to advertise on their blog.

But the reality is there are so many other platforms that you can use to run advertisement in your blog.

Some of them are: media.net, Propeller ads, Amazon Native Shopping ads and etc.

Successful Real-world examples:

Thanksgiving’s Annual After-Party made 13490.50 in November 2011

by just showing ads in their blog.

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Earning Proof of Thanksgiving’s Annula After-Party

This is far past then you think just think what amount they are earning nowadays from Advertisement.

This is just one example…

There are so plenty of bloggers out there who is making living from the advertisement from their blog.

Source : Moz.com

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is my most favorite process of making money online.

If you don’t know, Affiliate marketing is promoting others product to earn commission.

I like this most because this is just win-win-win situation for everyone.

Like, Product owner gets more customers from affiliate marketers with no investment, (Earn money, earn trust from customers)

In the same way we affiliate marketers earn more money from other products and we don’t have to build product or something.

And also customer gets the best product and they get to know the product before buying.

Successful Real-world examples:

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Nerdwallet is essentially a review affiliate site for financial products. The cover everything from credit cards to mortgages to investing to insurance.

Nerdwallet is also a 100% affiliate site. They do not have ads, nor do they (as far as I can tell) sell any of their own products.

Sell Products

Selling your own products is way more profitable than anything else in this Internet world.

It can be classified as Digital Products and Physical product.

like, Books, T shirts, gadgets, and stickers etc are sold as physical product

And you can sell e-book, online course, paid webinars and Tools Subscription as digital products

Successful Real-world examples:

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  • Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak made $100k+(1 Crore) by selling online course for more info kindly listen to the following podcast.
  • And to know how you can run paid webinar you can refer this article by Livestorm

and Iam researching on real life example of paid webinar, I will update it as soon as I found good one,

And if you have any one in your mind let me know in a comment section below.

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Ubersuggest tool

And Now he charges for monthly subscription and lifetime plan.

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Ubersuggest Pricing

This is how he make money from the tool of his website,

And you can too.

Paid membership website

A membership website is a private part of your website where registered users can get access to special content.

You can apply the idea behind membership websites to a ton of different situations,

Which is why creating a membership site has become an incredibly popular strategy in 2021 and beyond.

Successful Real-world examples:

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Food Blogger Pro

Sponsored Post

Another best way to make money if you’re having a decent number of niche based traffic is Sponsored post,

there are so many brands needs bloggers to write about them,

So they pay to post a blog about them,

to see four great example of Sponsored content of November 2015 click here.

If you want get sponsored post to your website check out Payperpost.com

Sell Service

selling services is also good option to earn money from you’r website like,

Neil Patel runs SEO Agency he refers his blog visitors to sign up for his SEO agency.

So that he can earn money for giving a SEO service for their clients.

In the same way you can start a consulting business, or become a coach of what you’re good at.

Or else start freelancing work, (You can look at this article for 15 Real life freelance blogger).

and make a decent money from it.


The last but not the least,

If you’re running a run non-profitable websites,

or who runs a blog for social cause, in case not earning much money.

you consider donation as a your main medium of earning.

It has more potential than you think.

But specify it clearly what you gonna do with that money.


At the moment, there’s a golden opportunity to make money online using blog,

With the right topic it’s not difficult to make money from your blog and get noticed.

But your content matters a lot, keep attention at what you’re expertise is.

You are probably an expert at something. Why not find a problem that people are struggling with and start a blog that offers a solution to that problem?

Sure, there’s a real chance that your first blog won’t be as successful as you would like it to be, but you will at least learn valuable business lessons, which will help you in your later endeavors. And, you just might hit the points we’ve discussed just right and land some reliable income out of the gate.

How to start a perfect blog in 2021 from scratch


Start a conversation in the comment box below, I reply all the comments personally.

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