5 Tips For the Deston Map in PUBG

5 Tips For the Deston Map in PUBG

The Deston map is the most difficult map to master in PUBG, so players should learn to adapt to it. Its unique personalities and locations require players to adjust their tactics in order to survive. This map will challenge players to try different strategies to survive in the flooded metropolis. Here are 5 tips to help you master the map. Listed below are the 5 top tips for the Deston map.

PUBG’s new map

PUBG’s new map is based on the island known as Deston. The new map will accommodate 64 players at a time, making it the smallest PUBG map to date. The new map will also include a new mechanic for vertical movement, called Ascender. Ascender will allow players to travel faster vertically. Ascender will be available to PC players in PUBG’s 18.2 update.

Deston is an 8×8 map, the same size as Miramar and Taego. It was previously known as Codename: Kiki. The PUBG team shared some patch notes that detailed the new map. The new map is available in both Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode. Those who own a PC version will be able to play Deston on July 12.

Another new addition to PUBG’s new map is the Self AED item, which helps revive players who have been knocked down. The Self AED item is only available in the Taego map. Aside from the new Self AED, a second addition to the new map is two new types of friendly birds. These birds react to player movement and gunfire. This is a very cool new feature.

Deston is a huge 8×8 map that features diverse biomes. The map includes a swampy island, a flooded city named Ripton, and a picturesque mountainous area. In addition to this, Deston features the tallest skyscraper in the history of the game. Deston will also introduce Ascender, which is the Game’s first multiplayer mode. The map will be available for both PC and PS4 players.

It has a wind farm island

PUBG’s Deston map has a lot to offer. For starters, there are tons of large open spaces and places where care packages can fall. While getting these packages in any location is not always easy, you can get them quickly by using vehicles. Here are some tips to make your journey through the Deston map more enjoyable. Listed below are 5 helpful tips for playing the Deston map.

Be aware of open positions: There are open positions on all PUBG maps. Open positions have little to no cover and make it easier for other players to kill you. If you are caught in an open area, make sure you move out as quickly as you can. Deston also features a large open space with drones, which make it even more difficult to escape.

Avoid sandbags: In this new map, it is best to avoid sandbags and try to find a safe spot to spawn in. A safe place to spawn is the Deston island. You should not be able to land on it if you’re under cover. However, if you’re near a wind farm island, you should use the same strategy. PUBG’s Deston map is incredibly difficult to win on. However, with some time, you can achieve the top of the map and take down your opponents.

It has a flooded metropolis

The PUBG Corporation teased a new map for PUBG Battlegrounds that will be available on July 13th. Deston is a massive city that has been flooded. It features a mixture of cities, swamps, and the urban sprawl that PUBG is known for. Deston will offer new challenges and unique gameplay options to PUBG players. You can play on any level and win!

This new map is eight times larger than Haven and features biomes that range from lush forests to muddy swamps. You can also traverse the map using bespoke traversal mechanics such as Ascenders, wind turbines, and cell towers. PUBG: The Deston Map also features a wind farm island and paintball course. Some of the map’s most popular areas include the Concert, the Hydroelectric Dam, and the Arena.

The city of Ripton has been flooded, and enemies can appear from a variety of angles. Besides being in the open, enemies may also be present in high-rise buildings. Ropes can help players get to the upper floors of tall buildings, but beware of enemies lurking below. A new mode called Ascenders will make navigating the city easier. Ascenders are similar to Jump Towers in Apex Legends.

5 Tips For the Deston Map in PUBG

PUBG: The Deston map features water-based regions and a new boat vehicle, the Airboat. The Airboat has the ability to travel over shallow water and land, and it can carry up to five players. Players can craft skins with in-game materials using the new workshop system. PUBG: The Deston Map is available in Solo, Duo, Squad TPP, and FPP modes. The new map also features new weapons and items, including the O12 shotgun, which boasts superior accuracy. Players can also use security keys to unlock high-tier loot and unlock new beauty objects.

It has a tallest building in PUBG’s history

PUBG’s new Deston map has arrived and with it comes a new trailer. It is the first map released since the game went free-to-play, and players can play it now on PC. Console players will have to wait until July 21. Set in a city inundated by a hurricane, Deston has one of the largest sprawls in the game, and includes a tall building in the center of town.

New items will spawn for players on Deston. The ‘ascender’ tool lets players jump between buildings, and it also acts as a reusable parachute that prevents fall damage from slingshotting. Other new items include a combat shotgun and hovercraft. Locked security rooms will contain top-tier loot, and garages will let players refuel their vehicles. In addition, new items will be available for the Survivor Pass, which gives players access to new cosmetics.

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