30+ proven strategies to skyrocket your Blog’s traffic for beginners
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30+ proven strategies to skyrocket your Blog’s traffic for beginners

Content Warning: Contains frank and honest (and sometimes personal) conversation about the topic.

And there are some affiliate links on this post. If you click on those links and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no extra cost to you.
Important Note: If you purchase any product from our links you don’t need to pay extra for that.

I don’t want to write anything like Introduction.

But for sure you’re really gonna learn 30+ proven strategies to skyrocket your blog’s traffic for beginners

But there’s a catch before that.

Consistency is key.

Lots of people blog, but very few people stick with it and that difference is what makes the difference.

So, I don’t guarantee you that you’re gonna get a lot of traffic after reading this blog or applying these strategies.

Bottom line…

You have to be consistent.

And yea! Let’s dive into the strategies.

#1. Take interview of successful people in your industry

Yes, taking interviews with successful people in your industry can lead you to get more traffic.

Everyone wants to get interviewed and some of us are loved to get interviewed,


It’s free of cost and it brings them quality leads to their blogs. It builds trust in visitors.

And also they love to share their presence with their audience.

So, you’re gonna have some visitors from their blog directly to your’s,

In some cases you also get backlinks from them.

It’s a totally Win Win situation for both of you.

How to:

It’s a totally Win Win situation for both of you.

How to:

It doesn’t mean that you have to take an interview with top 10 experts or successful people in your industry. They might disagree with your proposal (If they say yes, it’s your Jackpot).

So if you’re newbie or running a new website with minimal traffic,

Target the people who are a little more successful than you.

Or people who are making a decent amount from their blog.

#2. Create Roundup Posts

Creating a roundup posts can bring you traffic and backlink at the same time.

If you do it in a right way,

How to:

Just don’t publish and wait for traffic to come.

Reach out the person who is gonna be featured in your blog.

Via mail, social media platforms or any form of way that’s possible.

Ask them what they feel about the blog. And is there anything they can contribute.

Like, any personal information / experience they want to share.

Any knowledge for your audience.

This makes that person psychologically involve in your post,

And they like to promote with their fans without You Asking.

#3. Create List Posts

Create as much as list post can,

Cause list posts generate more traffic than any other posts type.

It’s very much great and easy to write.

And I personally like to write List posts.

And Buzzsumo recently analysed a million articles.

Well, in that study List post did well compared to other types of content.

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As you can see in the chart, list posts got 6x more shares than how-to posts (and 40x more shares than infographics).

#4. Create free products / tools

Creating a free product / tool is bribing your visitor to return your website return and return and return.

And blogs with tools get more visits per month than other blogs.

How :


Like I said before,

Visitors who used your tool and satisfied with your site tool,

They love to come back when they face the same problem.

And Ofcourse with the tool CTR (Click through rate) rate begins to improve and backlinks.

And visitor love your site,

So, Google loves your site too.

And then you know right, there are no worries of traffic when you are loved by Google and your visitors.

#5. Reduce Bounce rate

Reducing bounce rate means as I said before,

Making Google love your website.

How to:

Write Short Introduction:

Write short paragraph

Add multimedia

Use Bucket Brigades:

What are bucket brigades?

Bucket brigades are the short sentences which make visitors focus on phrases




Here’s the Deal

But there’s a catch.

What’s the real story?

How can you actually use this?

The best part?

Why does this matter?

That’s not all…

Source: Backlinko

#6. Host contests and giveaways

People love free stuffs,

In some cases there are people who can’t afford everything which your niche needs.

So you can use this as can be win & win situation for you and your visitors,

And it leads you more visitors in the initial time which you don’t think of.


Hosting a giveaway can be a gold mine in your initial struggling time for traffic.

How to:

Woorise Is the user friendly tool that you can use to create a give away easily,

If you know technically how giveaway’s are built you can do it on your own.

#7. Guest Blogging


Guest Blogging can bring you a good amount of traffic.

But there’s a catch,

That you have to do it in the perfect way with the right criteria.


What’s Right criteria  and the perfect way to do it?

Perfect way:

Guest blog in those areas which your niche belongs, not where you can.

Don’t do it just for the sake of traffic or backlink,

Give value to the visitors and the blog owner.

Try to put some more effort in every post.

And let people know how much effort is taken to give them the best experience or value in every post.

Don’t spam with you’re link all over the post,

Present a link when it’s truly needed and only those which bring value to that website.

Right criteria:

Target a high domain authority website first.

For example, 1 guest post in a high domain authority (50>) website gives more credibility than 10 guest posts in a low domain authority (<20) website.

#8. Natural link building

Is Backlink not a ranking factor anymore?

No, Not at all.

Building links naturally is evergreen.

I believe, It’s never gonna change because google is a computer generated machine language.

It doesn’t know which is the perfect blog.

But it ranks as per user experience feedback.

Or it trusts some of the giant leader’s in the industry.

So getting a link from the best website in your industry can lead you to rank in the top.

Practise to do:

Skyscraper’s technique

Moving man technique

And many more

#9. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also a type of medium to directly have conversation with your upcoming lead.

Or medium to squeeze so many others visitors to your website.

But don’t spam in the comment section by dropping your link senselessly.

As I said before give value,

Give value by giving answers to the questions of other website visitors.

Be clear about what you say.

Don’t forget to give them a link when it’s needed.

Comment like you carve to start conversation.

#10. Infographic

Create the best infographics that want to be shared.

Fill with so many values with your infographic.

Which consists of points that can make people understand quickly as possible of that infographic’s motive.

Infographics makes your site much user friendly,

That indirectly makes people love your site.

And It squeeze bloggers in your niche.

And makes so much backlink and of course traffic.

#11. Quora

Quora is the best initial traffic booster for so many newbie bloggers.

It’s easy to get visitors from quora by giving easy answers.


It’s a high domain authority site which gives permission for anyone to write answers to any question.

In this way you can insert your site link in your site link in between where it’s necessary.

But there’s catch,

You can’t add link in every post if doing this,

If they got noticed by their team,

It can lead you to blockage of your account.

So, I add a link where it is really needed.

And I focus on 10 of 1 rule,

Like, I write 10 answers and I add links to my website in only one answer.

That makes the Quora team think that I’m giving value to the readers more than spamming.

That’s not all…

And it leads to More Organic reach too.

#12. Social media

And yeah Social media…

How can I leave that?

This is a place where magic happens nowadays.

Almost everyone uses social media every day in this generation.

This is the medium you can get to know your leads more oftenly.

So sharing posts or being active on social media can lead you to get more traffic than you think.

So, this is the time when you can post on social media according to CoSchedule.

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#13. Pinterest

There are so many who consider pinterest as another social media.

But I vote for those who believe pinterest is more than a social media,

Technically other search engines which give images and videos as a result.

And easy to rank in this search engine.

So, I wrote it seperate for Pinterest.

Right now I’m also learning to get my pinterest account optimized.

So I prefer you to read Hubspot article to know all about pinterest.

#14. Be on youtube

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

youtube became a more favorite search engine for most of us.

Cause, we understand very well in live video practices than on any other media.

And youtube is a booming platform right now.

Google is also ranking most posts with video tutorials more often.

So depending only on the article is not a good idea.

And Iam also planning to be on youtube in some time.

And if you like to see any other posts on youtube kindly comment below.

#15. Top-notch headlines


Yes, Content is king.

Until visitors come to your posts.

You know what you have to be more creative in headlines more than content.

So be sure that your headline is super clickable.

You can make your heading more clickable by adding digits in your headline.

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And according to Backlinko odd numbers are 20 % more clickable than even numbers.

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To know more about how you can create a top notch headline click here.

#16. Focus more on On page SEO

There are so many ranking factors but On page seo is the most common and must do seo factor in the whole system.

And there are so many things to be done in on-page seo.

If you’re a beginner you have to be careful in every aspect of these factors.

As I said before,

Top notch headings is number one factor in on-page SEO.

You can optimize it by so many ways for more info go to Startergey number #15.

Amazing Description – Add the meta description, which helps users to understand your posts.

Quality Content – Every green quote of the content industry is “Content is a king”.

Yes, you can include in your diary or mind that content is king.

You can only make visitors come to see your content or website.

But content makes your visitor turn into your fans or audience who love to come back to your website whenever they need.

So, Focus on your content.

And for more information about On-Page Seo watch this video.

#17. Long-tail Keyword

Long Tail Keywords are always beneficial for ranking On Google,

Many Blogger And Pro Affiliate marketers are recommended to focus on long-tail keywords because it helps newbie bloggers to get traffic.

If you are a newbie, then I recommend you to focus on long-tail keywords and if you are Affiliate Marketer so this much help you to increase your earning.

#18. Link internally

Linking Internally in your blog posts can pass the ranking juice of a search engine.

Mean, you can rank your other articles by linking to the one which ranked high.

Wikepedia.org are the master’s of internal linking, they have everything internally linking.

Learn more:

Backlinko: The Complete internal linking guide.

#19. Email marketing

This is the way which helped many bloggers to increase their sales,

Bloggers like Kulwant Nagi earn 9000+$ in just four days by doing email marketing on Black Friday Sale.

Believe Me,

If you do email marketing, then you can make millions of dollars through it, and also you can drive traffic to your website by just emailing them.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Email Marketing is important because for these two things,

Firstly, they help you to increase your sales.

Secondly, by only doing email marketing, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

How To Collect Email For Email Marketing?

We can convert our visitors into leads by using these three steps :

Use an email pop optin in your blog.

Provide them knowledge.

Don’t force them to buy their product.

#20. Make your site responsive

A responsive site can double your sales.

yes , It is.

How to:

a). Make your site load faster: we will be discussing this in our next strategy.

Choose a great theme: I personally use Astra pro as my theme,

And I recommend you to choose theme between,

Astra pro

Generate Press

Thrive Theme

These all are the most lightweight themes that can load faster than any other.

b). Make your site Mobile friendly:

Choosing your theme in above section can also make your site mobile friendly,

They provide a mobile friendly interface too.

#21. Make your site fast


Have to make your site as fast as possible.

Because a slow site leads you to lose your a lot of leads.

How to:

Choose a best Hosting

#1 Kinsta

#2 Dreamhost

#3 Blue host

Choose a best theme

As I said in strategy #21 I recommend you to choose between.

#1 Astra Pro

#2 Generate Press

#3 Thrive Themes

Install required plugins

  1. Allow Webp Image
  2. Imagify
  3. Rank Math SEO
  4. WP Rocket
  5. WPForms Lite

Delete the things which you’re not required

Yes, deleting unwanted files or plugins can fasten your site speed.

So make sure you don’t have any unwanted files or plugins.

Keep your site as simple as you can:

A simple site can load faster than a more multimedia considered site.

Check your site speed in following sites:

GT matrix

PageSpeed Insights


#22. Create top notch content that people want to share and link to


You can reach out to more people from your marketing or from any other things.

But you can’t make your people stay on your site without great content.


Create content that makes people take action or share.

As all said,

“Content is a king”

Is the evergreen sentence that won’t vanish in any decade.

#23. Add social share button


Adding social sharing buttons make social sharing so simple.

And maximize the sharing.

In other words more referral traffic.

So, don’t forget to add a social sharing button in your blogs.

And I personally use the Social snap plugin.

Which makes our work easier and it comes with super cool social sharing icons.

And yea I highly recommend this plugin,

Don’t forget to give a try.

#24. Keep your content up to date

Yes, Google doesn’t read your content.

But your competitors will.

So be updated.

And google recommends updated contents at its best.

Be sure to update your content with any of dates or year or any steps or content which is required.

#25. Start Podcast

Podcasts are a booming platform right now.

If you’re shy about showing your face in a video.

You can express your way of content in this.

In your unique way.

Podcasts are not a competitive platform right now compared to others.

So, you can dive right now and make a count in those.

Who are booming.

And you can grab so many people’s attention from there.

And can create your brand there.

Start with an anchor which is a free tool that can host your podcasts.

#26. Research your competitors

Inspire from the people who are doing the same and successful.

Research on competitors working statistics.

And work on that.

Like, which keyword they are focusing on? How are they promoting their website? How can you be better than them?.

And take a action,

until you take an action that is never gonna work.

#27. Use click to tweet

Using Click to tweet maximizes the reach of referral traffic by making people eager to to share something valuable.

You can use the same Social snap plugin to create a Click to tweet boxes in between blogs.

#28. Write long content

Long form content can rank your site higher according to serpIQ

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And recent Brian Dean research confirms the same.

So, keep your mindset to reach at least 1500 words in a post.

And don’t write anything that is not required in that post just for the sake of long content.

#29. Use medium.com

Medium is a free platform to blog.

And is the gem traffic source for so many new bloggers.

Cause, It is the High domain authority site which is free to write on the same.

And so that if you write something in medium it’s easier to rank the posts than in your new site.

And make sure you added a backlink to your main site where you want your traffic to come.

That’s all.

#30. Push Notification

Stay in front of your customers even after they leave your site using push notification.

You can Automate messages to go out when you publish a new article.

And it is also *10 conversion rate than Email.

And I personally use and I recommend One signal Push notification


#31 (Bonus) Advertising

As you all know advertising is a paid method which brings results as soon as you want.

With the right method.

So in this post I don’t want to write about how you can run an advertisement.

If you want to know you can get so many guides on the internet.

So below are the platforms that are booming and try worthy if you’re planning to.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Quora ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

#32 (Bonus) Promote on Quuu

Get your content shared hundreds of times across social media

Quuu Promote is the #1 content marketing tool to drive hundreds of opportunities to engage with a relevant audience on social.

Just add your RSS feed and They will do the rest, completely on autopilot

Promote your blog to REAL people via REAL people.

Promote your content to the right audience.

It Increases SEO social signals to drive up your rankings.

Click here to Sign Up

#33 (Bonus) Learn Learn Learn


Learn, learn, learn

Learn how you build your traffic, by applying all of the above strategies

Learn what suitable for your traffic

Learn what is best for you

Learn more about what you know, Because we don’t know when Search engine algorithm gonna change.

So don’t stop yourself from getting more traffic.

So learning is the Important strategy in any industry or in any niche you’re working.

Give some more time to yourself.

And Teach yourself!!!.



Above all are the strategies to get traffic for your blog.

But from my perspective,

If you’re a beginner or new website owner.

Don’t hurry and focus on everything that I mentioned above.

Determine Your Best Traffic Source and Scale

That’s what brings you success in your journey.

Focus on what works for you!

And let me know in the comment section below!


what are the strategies you loved or firstly gonna implement on your blog?

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